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Property: Pinecrest Housing has partnered with Springale Inc and purchased Pinecrest Memorial School (closed and declared surplus in 2017).    The property is comprised of a single building having three wings with approximately 46,000 sq. ft. of space.  It is situated on a 20 acre parcel of land on the northern outskirts of Bloomfield in the County of Prince Edward.  


Partnership: The Municipality of Prince Edward County purchased the property from the School Board in 2018 and sold it on to the Pinecrest/Springale partnership in 2020.  The Municipality facilitated the purchase process and contributed to the carrying costs; the active support of the Municipality was critical to the success of the project.  Springale brings with it a great deal of experience in the provision of affordable housing in the Belleville area.


Need for Affordable Housing:  The aim of the project is to provide affordable housing to seniors who are at an increased safety risk in their homes but who can still live independently with varying levels and the right mix of support services. Many seniors in Prince Edward County are unable to find decent, safe and affordable housing options that meet their needs as they age.   The desperate need, in the County, for affordable housing is highlighted in the Official Plan 2021


Affordable Housing Units: The building will be renovated to provide fifty housing

units, of approximately 400 sq.ft. each. The units will be equipped with a  bed/sitting

area, a kitchenette with a microwave/counter/sink/oven etc. and a private bathroom

with walk in shower. The facility will provide shared lounge, kitchen, dining and

laundry facilities with access to an open three season courtyard.


Community Hub: The existing gymnasium will serve both the residents of Pinecrest

and members of the surrounding community.  Access to recreational and cultural

activities including fitness classes, theatre, and hobby/meeting facilities will be

provided; it will be a cultural hub for Bloomfield.


Grounds: The 20 acre site will utilized to provide space for such things as a

community garden, a farmer’s  market and a ‘Golden Mile’ walking trail. 

In the future the space may also be used for the provision of additional

affordable housing units.


Community: The Pinecrest community will promote a sense of belonging, offering

purpose and building on the strengths of each individual resident. Residents will be

encouraged to contribute and support one another through active participation, whether being a representative on the Board of Management, assisting in meal preparation, gardening, music/entertainment programs, library, or visiting programs.  Opportunities to share talents and skills will be celebrated.

Wellness Centre:  The possibility of including on-site access to services such as a physician/nurse practitioner, physiotherapy, dietician and foot care is being explored. 

Collaborative partnerships will be established with the local health and seniors networks, thereby facilitating a pooling of resources through a team based approach tailored to each resident’s service level requirements. This approach will enhance existing collaborative relationships among the various service provider organizations and will lead to a more efficient and cost effective service delivery model while addressing the expanding needs for services by the aging population in our community.


Timescale:  At the the time of writing (January 2022 design and preparatory work is well underway, the main renovation phase is due to start late summer 2023 with completion in the fall of 2024. 

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